SCAM NEWS: 10 Places You Can Find Internet Fraudsters (Sakawa Boys) In Ghana

SCAM NEWS: 10 Places You Can Find Internet Fraudsters (Sakawa Boys) In Ghana

Sakawa is a widespread practice in Ghana which combines modern internet-based fraud practices with traditional Akan religious rituals. It is just the local name for an internet scam. It is so rampantly used nowadays to the extent that even kids would understand who you are talking about just at the mention of the word, Sakawa boys.

It is true that there are internet fraudsters in almost every part of the world, but that of Ghana has really metamorphosed into a higher and ‘more mature’ stage. The Sakawa boys of Ghana do not succeed only with the combination of wits, persuasion, subtlety, expertise, and intelligence which are the normal characteristics of internet scamming; they also use some kinds of ‘abracadabra’. I mean ‘juju’ or call it ‘voodoo’.

The extent to which this underground business has grown in Ghana is quite alarming. These boys are scattered everywhere that you may not be able to cover a distance of ten feet without meeting a group of them, hearing the word or seeing it boldly written somewhere. The worst part of it is that they are making it as well as getting away with it. They ride costly cars and live big. These group of boys usually meet on a Saturday night in Santa Marie, where they show off their fast cars, money, and other things.

According to authoritative sites, Ghana has one of the highest internet penetration rates in Africa and this explains why it is easy to engage in internet scam in the country. These boys are known for playing loud music while driving around in their unlicensed Toyota Camrys and Range Rovers.

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