SCAM NEWS: Nigerian Scammer Father And Daughter Scam Swiss Woman Of Millions In Romance Scam

SCAM NEWS: Nigerian Scammer Father And Daughter Scam Swiss Woman Of Millions In Romance Scam

NIGERIAN authorities have arraigned a man for defrauding a Swiss national of US$240 700 (R3,4 million) through an online romance scam. Moses Igweneme (65) has appeared before the Federal High Court in Port Harcourt in the southern Rivers State.

His daughter, named Nkiruka Blessing Igweneme, is at large. The father-and-daughter syndicate has been bust during a crackdown on internet fraud by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

It is alleged the Igwenemes defrauded one Chantal Helene Meadery following an encounter on a dating app. There was an arrangement of marriage and that Moses would permanently move to Switzerland.

However, according to the complainant, father and daughter feigned several different emergency situations and various other problems that ensnared Maedery into making a total of 16 different money transfers since last year.

She sought the intervention of the Switzerland government, which petitioned Nigerian authorities to investigate.

“Investigations showed that the syndicate has also defrauded other foreigners through their fraudulent dating schemes,” EFCC spokesman, Tony Orilade, said.

The suspect has pleaded not guilty to a four-count charge bordering on conspiracy and money laundering.

He has been remanded in custody pending bail application. His daughter has been declared wanted.

Nigeria has a global reputation for online scams, perpetrated by the so-called Yahoo boys.

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